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compiling mangos zero



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Hi all,

i am also new to this enviroment and i also need tutorial , full one for win xp 32 bit :)

I am not familiar with tools and enviroment but i am familiar with sql, c, c++, assembly. So i want to make my own server for wow 1.12.1 and start fixing whats need to be fixed...

I have found some tutorials




but always something missing and i cant finish it successfully.

i have instaled my sql server 5.5 and microsoft sql server 2008 (comes with visual basic and studio i think)

and some tools: SQLyog, Git, Tortoise Git........ i hope that things i installed will be usefull....

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Well steps from first tutorial i linked


seems to are compatible with files found here https://github.com/mangos-zero/server

i am looking at it and it seems have all that is mentioned in tutorial i linked, i only need to confirmation from someone who knows more about this than me, maybe @theluda knows if we can use this tutorail with files found at second link i putted here ???

BTW lostone1993 u now have 5 posts so i guess u can make that post with multiple links, and why didnt u made it from 2 parts so u dont get that forum limit ???

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