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Newbie questions of sorts (multiple clients)



Basically, how do I keep two clients on the same machine?

I have the original game, which I play on the commercial server (and I really enjoy that too).

But I want to do custom devs of the emu too, so how do I keep the "real" WoW client isolated from my lesser-patched client?

I am sure that's covered somewhere, but cannot seem to find it any more.

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Thanks all.

I've been trying bunches of permutations.. I have the client I bought from 7-11 (American convenience store) for $6.99, the one I'd gotten from a computer store back in 2005, and two versions downloaded from Blizzard over the years.

Normally, I'd keep it all updated (of course).

I've erased / uninstalled the fully patched and updated one (I can always re-install it, no problem) and want to just install a "from scratch" version.

I have a DVD with a very cool Lich King illustration at version

I have another with an installer with a version of (not sure what version the game is, probably the same).

I have a cataclysm disc of about 7.70 gig. That would be GREAT if it would run, but ...

But the one I'd like to run is

Which GIT HUB do I work with for that 3.3.5...

I wanna start mucking with C/C++ code and watching game changes, and play with the scripting.

I hate asking the newbie questions, but I can't see any tables of mangos-zero = this version (like TBC, mangos-one = this version..) and I can't see any info on manually patching versions. I don't think I'll need the later.

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