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MaNGOS University has MOVED

Unkle Nuke

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As you may have noticed, MaNGOS University now has its own sub-forum, right here in the Cafe!

The paint is still wet and we're still laying carpet in the halls, but the bronze statue of our founder now stands proudly on the campus promenade.

For those with questions, wanting to learn how to be a developer for the core, database, or scripting...

For more experienced developers wanting to pass on your knowledge with lessons, tutorials, and guides...

All of you, please direct your posts to the new home of MaNGOS University. :)

Now that there is a dedicated forum, there is no longer any need to add the [MaNGOS University] tag to topics created there.

NOTE: Tryouts for the MaNGOS University football team will be held on the sports field behind the gymnasium next Monday. Sign up today for your chance to join the "Mangoloids"!

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