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How to compile mangos older versions



Hi guys,

this is my first post. My names is Rafael, i would you be fine!!!

i try comment some details with mangos server, maybe you can help me or show a way to solved my problem.

i been playing wow with mangos 2 years ago, now i try play woltk but i have some bugs or errors after apply the last updates... these problems did not exist before.

I compiled mangos-woltk without problems on debian and Ubuntu. Since March 2012, after some updates some issues appear:

in console mangosd daemon received this messages:

SESSION: received not allowed opcode CMSG_LFG_GET_STATUS (0x0296)

SESSION: received unexpected opcode CMSG_CANCEL_TRADE (0x011C) the player has not logged in yet and not recently logout

SESSION: received unexpected opcode CMSG_SET_SELECTION (0x013D) the player has not logged in yet

some quest not work rigth, example:

- Great Bear Spirit for Druids, the quest can't be complete after talk with de Bear.

- the thunderbluff fly master in Moonglade does not recognize the Druids for return flying to Thunderbluff

- the Hunter class can't revive his pet

before work - near on march 2012.

I try compiled older version :

git clone [url]https://github.com/mangos-wotlk/server[/url]
cd server
git clone [url]https://github.com/scriptdev2/scriptdev2[/url] src/bindings/ScriptDev2

git reset --hard HASH_SOME_MARCH_2012_COMIT ->  march 28 , 2012
cd src/bindings/ScriptDev2
git reset --hard HASH_FOR_THE_COMIT_ON_SCRIPTDEV2_PROJECT -> march 28, 2012
cd ../../..
git apply src/bindings/ScriptDev2/patches/MaNGOS-*

Do you can explain , how compile mangos older version ?

Is this the correct way? i try find the best version

- Other issue: the next command -> server reset 300

the server was not restarted, shutdown server but is not started again

i use the last udb version(404) and mangos/sql/updates , the last scriptdev2 version and acid last version

Thanks in the advance and sorry for my english

NOTE: i programming on C++/Objective C/PHP , i would work on mangos server source but i dont know how start, the mangos server is a big project

can you show me how to start to fixed mangos server issues, what is the first step ?


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