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Linux shell script?

Guest IceReaper_

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Hey, was just setting up my local mangos server on ubuntu. However to make it myself comfortable, i started writing a small shellscript which will stop the server - create a full server + database backup, get newest sources, patch scriptdev, compile everything, fully update the database, merge configuration changes, start the server again, and mail the admins (me) an update-log.

For db-acces it reads the database lines from the mangos configs themself. new installation and update is supported. Basicaly an allround-sollution - you just need to install the core libs yourself, dont want to mess around with package managers in a shellscript etc.

However: the script is not fully complete yet - but if it is, is there interest that i share it?

To complete it i want implement tools compilation and auto extraction of required data. The script should be able to check if the tools were changed and then trigger the recreation automatically. However currently they dont realy compile, missing libs - whatever. Trinity core does this very well, maybe someone copies that part? the tools secion in the cmake script is also still unfinished and commented out (i would do it myself but im actualy deep into java development, and nothing c++ related)

Greetings from Germany


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