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Understanding mangos



Hi again all,

I will be honest and admit I have never used mangos before, but we at VortexDB are really impressed with your progress on the 434 side of things and are looking to work on a mangos based 434 database.

Now, personally as a complete mangos NOOB I have been searching for a wiki of sorts, an explanation of your DB structure for tables like conditions (just for example) so we can look at converting our existing 434db which is based on TDB, or our 403db which is ArkCore compatible.

The only one I have come across was for Mangos Zero over at project Silvermine. Is the structure still basically the same?

I have been playing around on your 434 server and loving it so far (except I am a thinderbird - not sure why:P) and I look forward to working closely with you guys

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that link needs to be put in github wiki - was searching for the same (!)

(i was thinking about writing a parser which gets as much data as possible collected from website-databases etc)

I would be extremely interested in something like that - might make my wiki building duties a little lighter

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