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Hallows end



Considering its that magical time of year and Hallows end was always my favorite event in wow, are there any good ways to get headless horseman or other events working? I've looked at the database and scripts for it a few times, quite a lot of stuff involved, but heading into Brill and seeing it on fire, with the maniacal laughing of the headless horseman was always a blast.

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I've tried to get it to work.

I see the event in the database but all it does is spawn the objects and items, some of the Innkeeper quest/responses and the quests to put out the fires and talk to the orphan matron mother.

But the fires don't spawn and the only way to complete the quests is to .lookup quest and .quest complete.

For the most part, I went to other servers who claim it is 99% working and it's not.

I went into Scarlet Monastery and couldn't get the HH to spawn.

I looked at the triggers, spell_id's and verified that each are properly linked in the database... But I guess the scripting wasn't done in the core or is incomplete. I'll ahve to check the source and see, though I am not a "C" coder by anymeans, but I can troubleshoot up to a point.

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I looked at it with 3.3.5a and with project skyfire, the problem I think is the vast number of locations, items, spells, and scripts that are all dependant on each other for it to work... I tried tinkering with the horseman in project skyfire and ended up screwing up his faction ID, he was hostile but untargetable... It seems like some of the scripts are in place but not enough for most locations or quests to work.

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