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[5743][patch] Arcane Missle Resist

Guest DiSlord

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Arcane Missle aura trigger have TargetA = TARGET_SINGLE_ENEMY and its detect as POSITIVE target and spell -> so can`t be resisted -> fix it

TARGET_SINGLE_ENEMY target type have spells (all of them now can be resisted and detect as non positive spells)

Arcane Missle

35108 - Electrified Net (Mekgineer Steamrigger boss cast)

43363 - Electrified Net (?? cast)

13481 - Tame Beast

36311 - Scan Ground Effect (Eye of Culuthas boss)

So i think nothing broked if add this:

Index: SpellMgr.cpp
--- SpellMgr.cpp        (revision 5740)
+++ SpellMgr.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -281,6 +281,7 @@
                case TARGET_IN_FRONT_OF_CASTER:
+                case TARGET_SINGLE_ENEMY:
                        return false;
                case TARGET_ALL_AROUND_CASTER:
                        return (targetB == TARGET_ALL_PARTY || targetB == TARGET_ALL_FRIENDLY_UNITS_AROUND_CASTER);

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