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[All Expansions] Precompiled binaries

Guest alexluana_

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Hello guys,

I am very happy to open this thread for precompiled binaries for all expansions supported by MaNGOS:

- Vanilla


- Wotlk

- Cataclysm

The purpose of this thread is to make your life easier, and make mine worser, by sharing my time with you through this extra work!:D

The releases will be in the beginning once a week, and if the fluctuacy of fixes grows, I will try to do them more frequent.

Package content:

- precompiled binary files

- all .conf files with custom text

- shortcut link with mangosone test server


- 32x / 64x binaries


- 32x / 64x binaries


- 32x / 64x binaries


- 32x / 64x binaries


* How often precompiled binaries will be posted?

Once a week.

* Do they include any custom patches?

No. Only clean core with no additions. I allready posted all you need to compile by yourself a core, in wich you can add anything your heart desire!

I am in the mod of moderating UDB Wiki, place where you will find the proper place for setup from scratch a server!

* Where can I download the client?

Client can be downloaded from this Link (Thank you FailZorD)

* What programs do I need to compile binaries?

- GitExtensions

- TortoiseSVN

- Visual C++ 2008 Express

- Visual C++ 2010 Express

- MySQL Server Community Edi

- SQLYog Community Edition

- NET Framework 3.5

- CMake

- OpenSSL

* What programs do I need to start a server?

- GitExtensions

- MySQL Server Community Edi

- SQLYog Community Edition

- NET Framework 3.5

- TortoiseSVN

* I have all installed, but I don't know what to do!

After installing the programs needed to start a server, you need to do some additional things (Available in all expansions cases, more or less mmaps):

- download the needed source for dbc/map/vmap/mmap extractor

- copy the extractor into the client folder (usualy precompiled extractor can be found in ./contrib/extractor_binary)

- Extract dbc files

- Extract maps files

- Extract vmaps files

- Extract mmaps files (if the case allow it)

After this is done, we need to create the given databases and fill them with data:

- Open SQLYog

- Create 4 databases:

- characters

- mangosd

- scriptdev (0 / 1 / 2 - by case)

- realmd

- Import all tables

- download the needed source for characters/realmd/scriptedev sql files

- as a remark the name of wotlk git is cmangos

- Import database

- Download databases: 4.3.4 Link 3.3.5a Link 2.4.3 Link 1.12.1 Link

- Copy dbc/maps/vmaps/mmaps into server folder

- Configure .conf files to fit your mysql settings

- download the needed source for .conf files

- .conf files needed: mangosd.conf / realmd.conf / scriptdev2.conf / ahbot.conf

* How to update the database to latest core binaries I downloaded?

- Update the database to latest binaries

- Check Sql/Updates/ folders for latest sql files introduced after update.

- Check MaNGOS folder

- Check Scriptdev

- Check the number of binary archive that you just downloaded (Ex: M12209_S1255.rar or Ms1207_Ss1030)

- Update the proper databases with files above M = Mangos 12209 and S = Scriptdev above 1255 or M = MaNGOS s1207 and S = Scriptdev s1030

- Start the server

Have fun!

Everything is subject to change!


- uploaded binaries with a format depending on the changelog of mangos/scriptdev

Temporary the archives are under the format of win32_date & x64_date. By date you can see what revision number the source had at the moment of compilation

!!! For project to continue, please share suggestions !!!

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xnxx10 well... I am not able to do any linux... I might be able to install an emulator and install it as a virtual machine... but I really don't have time for that now...I am planning to buy a dedicated server, and than I will do linux binaries... but when will that be? I dunno

also any suggestion for the guide, for the binaries archive content, anything are welcomed, and good for discussion

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I kindly want to note that MaNGOS is still an educational project and not a distributor for game software. I advice everyone to setup his own build and maybe try to develop own things (besides from this you can't be sure what the author could have added to this binaries), because MaNGOS can't exist without clear bugreports and people who at least try to change things on their own. And this is impossible for people who are just using a given software (and this is not the way most MaNGOS developers wan't their software to be used).

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Since its for helping new people, or save time for this who dont wanna upgrade core to test every weak can u post linux bin.? I think Ubuntu is most popular

As already discussed elsewhere, building on linux can easily done automatically by a script like http://getmangos.eu/bb/post/4035/#p4035 . This one I wrote for mangos-one in about 15 minutes. adapting it to zero takes... another 5 minutes. For wotlk/udb maybe more like 10 minutes due to SVN issues.

Building on Windows is somewhat more involved as you need to download and install VC++ and various SDKs - all in all a reasonably big mess. So I can understand the need for precompiled binaries (please also note that precompiled binaries threads were around since... ever - and they are perfectly legal)

My personal opinion on this is, that one thing MaNGOS needs is user friendlyness. Easing people who are new to this in step by step.

Step1: Use precompiled binaries, grab db, play --> want to change stuff (that's the easy part)

Step2: Build your own binaries, add custom changes --> be annoyed by bugs

Step3: Start fixing bugs, contribute to the community.

There is still a chance people will stay at step1 forever. Okay, actually probably 99% will stay at step1 forever. But at least they use MaNGOS and there is a chance they will contribute to the community. As it is right now, we loose people at step0 - want to try mangos, fail to compile, everything is too complicated, go back to repack.

So, alexluana, please continue being the MaNGOS Build Farm :D

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xnxx10 ... sorry to dissapoint you xnxx ... I would love to help ya...

and shlainn no problem..count on me ...

shlainn if you read this...try to make me access to udb wiki, I want to do some remap and update it to ultimate revision..

I finished the dbc part, I wish to continue with vanilla -tbc ,etc... FAQ, etc

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well I can't compile this stuff for now, I just moved to linux...

I will eventually install a virtual machine and redo the windows binaries...also I will add some binaries for ubuntu 10.04 LTS


P.S. Please suggest me a website where to upload much better the binaries... I don't like at all filebeam.. is slow and has a lot of crashes

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P.S. Please suggest me a website where to upload much better the binaries... I don't like at all filebeam.. is slow and has a lot of crashes

Heyho just registered and im really amazed by how well this works (mangos)!

to the point: many guys use mediafire / rapidshare / uploaded and theres also a way to publish files with dropbox but i dont really know how that works


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