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Mangos Minimanager Website - Inactive?

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sf.net svn was created by gsa then maintained by shnappie then indomit then me

google svn was created by me cos i didnt have acess to sf.net and devs were absent and its development was abandoned

once i got acess to keep sf.net i merged from google svn and kept it as main svn for project

http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=3018 is the mm thread here in mangos forum



is where usually info about minimanager and other projects are posted

help from ppl that want to improve, fix, etc minimanager is more than welcome in case you guys want to give a hand

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  • 39 years later...

So i've enjoyed learning about C++ and SQL etc...

and even networking but that was to easy on the University LAN... =/

Some of the "hardcore geeks =/" from the design department where on about creating a web based interaction with the server

this interested me as its more learning for PHP (proberly) and again with SQL etc

I found "Minimanager" which was for mangos specific, however

it was on version 0.12 (which i guess is ment to be assigned to mangos-0.12 for 2.4.3)

I had a look around on it, and it seems the project is dead

(as in no ones going to be developing it)

I grabbed the SVN of it, and shoved it straight into the server to see what its like

it was pretty good, could do with a few changes here and there

example: tbc column in realmd needed to be edited to expansion etc...

But is there anyone else out there working on it?

and/or would anyone be interested in Developing it with me if it is confirmed to be "dead"

If the developers are working on a 0.13 I'd like to help

but the SVN site, didn't really have much happening

Obviously it would be awesome if MaNGOS themselves incorperate it aswel, but I wouldn't wanna put any more work on their plates as with the change from 2.4.3 to 3.0.3 having "some" differences...

we have came along way from 2.x.x but theres still awhile to go before we get Blizzlike state of how we had on 2.x

My hates of to thos guys!

But yeah

Anyone interested in PHP/SQL/Web based management of Mangos?

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gives me the download for:


Revision 16...

i wasnt aware of the


revision 146!...

I'll just stick with this if its still being developed on!

Just edit that instead

thanks for the help offered, suppose theres no point with having multiple communities on the same project, might aswel try to work with them instead of against =)

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Im only just starting to learn PHP

i was all HTML etc for so long so i was only jumping on it to organise other "gifted" people together

and learn myself

for now i proberly wouldn't be of much use to anyone =P

other than "testing"

When i learn bits ill submit bits!

But someone would change its footer!

it links to old mangos

and they done MANGoS rather than MaNGOS in the little picture thing!

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does anybody get this warnings as well?

[b]Notice[/b]:  Undefined index:  human in [b]/opt/webroot/minimanager/scripts/id_tab.php[/b] on line [b]165[/b]

[b]Notice[/b]:  Undefined index:  orc in [b]/opt/webroot/minimanager/scripts/id_tab.php[/b] on line [b]166[/b]

[b]Notice[/b]:  Undefined index:  dwarf in [b]/opt/webroot/minimanager/scripts/id_tab.php[/b] on line [b]167[/b]

[b]Notice[/b]:  Undefined index:  nightelf in [b]/opt/webroot/minimanager/scripts/id_tab.php[/b] on line [b]168

Regards warrior


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