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I'm working on a vendor SQL script for tier gear and d gear as well as a gamemaster vendor. The vendor will only be visible in GM mode and default locations will be GMisland. There will also be some custom items I'll be making that perform gamemaster commands, but first I wanted to know if anyone thought this would be worth the time to share or if it seems subpar?

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PSDB uses a GM Island. You might be able to get ideas from there. As for the custom items that performs GM commands will be epic. Can I suggest that the items are soulbound with no value? Obviously regular players won't be able to use them. But they shouldnt even know they exist.

Therefore making the items Soulbound stops GMs from storing GM items in Guild Vaults by accident etc.

The idea of having an item perform a ban command can become fun. Instead of banning someone via console, having a cool spell effect being performed on on a character by the said item could be awesome.

Think there is a way an item can cast Thorns with a 100% chance and for long periods? Getting stuck in Thorns in the middle of a bustling city like Stormwind can be very humiliating. :P

Anyway. Enough of my bland ideas.

+1 for OP.

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