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Mangos Addon : Ingame addon

Guest PunKeD_GuRu

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So i was thinking:

I'd like to make an Addon ingame

Taking as many of the .[command] options as possible

and making some kind of GUI when your playing wow so you can open the "mangos" window

and your have a list of available commands to your account level (like GM etc...)

this would be based on the .command showing what commands you have available

then with this some kind of tabbed pages, showing various commands andwhat not

hoping you understand what i mean so far

thought id share these links:




i was looking throu curse.c

searched "mangos" suprisingly i didn't find anything, and i doubt they would list it for long anyway.

But still... some kind of GUI within WoW for commands would be nice =)

This kind of development is "abit" different to any other developments i can think of that happen here

so im not really sure how this is gonna turn out, or if we even have anyone here that is familiar with writing addons!

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