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Where does 1 report bugs ? 4.3.4



I would appreciate if someone here could give me a quick introduction to how 1 should report a bug to the development team.

I'm running a mangos 4.3.4 server, lots of bugs and I'd really like to help contribute. If someone could point me to a bug tracker form/correct place to post bugs that would be nice thanks.

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Currently there are about 3-4 main devs and a variety of others devs updating bits.

We are currently finalising a massive update for MangosZero (Vanilla) and some serious updates to MangosOne (TBC), which is taking up all their time. Hoping to have this complete by the end of January.

Once thats done, Cata and MOP branches will get some love :D

Wotlk branch is currently being looked after and updated by the cMangos team with their changes pushed back to the main repo.

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