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Before Github integration, MaNGOS used Lighthouse as its issue tracker. When the code base was migrated to Git, it broke the Lighthouse tracker. Since Github has its own method for reporting issues, Lighthouse was abandoned.

MaNGOS hasn't used Lighthouse for years now. I'm quite surprised the tracker still exists.

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Although it would complicate tracking issues for devs, I think restoring some sort of web-based tracker for the MaNGOS site would actually make it more accessible for users to post issues and bug reports. Not everyone is comfortable with using Github's issue tracker, of the few that actually know it exists.

Lighthouse was used for more than bug tracking. It also had a development tracker, where completed features and milestones were also posted, keeping users informed of overall project progress at a glance.

When we had the Lighthouse page, it did seem we had much greater community participation in reporting issues. However, it cost money to use Lighthouse, paid for by TheLuda's deeper pockets.

Is there some way to create such an interface for the Github MaNGOS tracker? Perhaps some clever use of PHP or some API plugin could pipe data between Github and getmangos.

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