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DynDNS entry for address in realmd.realmlist? [Mangos 3]



I've been having some difficulty with making my server WAN-accessible and, after much trial and error, have finally determined that it's some sort of issue with the address column of realmd.realmlist. If I enter my WAN IP there in the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, I have complete success. Problem is, I don't have a static IP, so I use DynsDNS, of course. Well, if I enter my DynDNS entry into that column (address) in realmlist, I get a loopback problem @ the WoW client realm screen. My DynDNS entry is of the format name.dyndns.org and works everywhere else I've ever used... except here.

Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone discovered a way to resolve this issue?

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