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  1. I don't know if it may occur in various caves but in Undercity it's very consistent. And if it can happen in Undercity, then there is the possibilty that it happens somewhere else too. When you use the mage spell 'blink' in the outer ring of Undercity (like the quarters) or the passage ways, which connects the inner and the outer ring, then you get teleported to the surface of Lordaeron (above Undercity). The reason why this is happening only in the outer ring is because above the innder ring is now terrain, just a hole in the map. At first I suspected vmaps to be the culprit. But
  2. The database table "spell_linked" was introduced as incremental update with Rel21_08_001. With the commit "Updated to expect Rel21_08_012_Commands_update" it was then moved to the base updates. At this point it is meant to be part of the base database (full database), but it is not. If you set up a fresh database today, you're base database will be 21_08_012 (according to db_version table), which is newer and therefore prevents reapplying the incremental update 21_08_001. The table creation for "spell_linked" is missing in the mangosdLoadDB.sql script as well as the corresponding c
  3. Hello there A quick forum search yields that the cause might be the version of OpenSSL you're using. Please retry with OpenSSL 1.0.2.
  4. Yes, sadly there is only a Despawn Self database script command for creatures and not for gameobjects, as you already mentioned. Therefore one has to script the despawn of the plants in either SD2 or Eluna. But in the long term it would be useful to introduce the Despawn Self command for gameobjects as well, because there are tons of situations and quests, where you need to despawn objects. I encountered already some of them.
  5. Salja made a fix attempt a couple months ago for CoronaCore. [url]https://www.getmangos.eu/server/9477-mangosone-2-4-3-quot-running-spot-issue-quot.html#post70411[/url] Maybe it is a useful approach to narrow down the issue and finding a proper fix.
  6. Your're welcome. Acutually I meant further questions. I don't mind this thread here, because it is kind of related to the wiki.
  7. There is a reason why MaNGOS Zero is missing in one of the guide. MaNGOS Zero uses the new build system with CMake, which is significantly different from the other build process. So set up your virtual machine and get started with Mangoszero 18.1 build part 1. If you read carefully you won't get any problems. But if you get any problems, don't hesitate to ask (in the appropriate forum).
  8. The rquiered fields to define quest chains are PrevQuestId, NextQuestId and NextQuestInChain and can be found in the table quest_template. All the fields are well explained in the mentioned documentation. Game events like the orphan week (ID 10) are defined in the table game_event. All related creatures and gameobjects which should spawn and despawn at the start and end of an event are stored in game_event_creature and game_event_gameobject. There is also game_event_quest for quests which become available during an event and therefore they will be added to an existing creature. The whist
  9. Blizzard use for the news a simple html with the following output: SERVERALERT: <html><body> Your Message.</p></body></html> See also http://status.wow-europe.com/en/alert You need to create the directory for your language in the root folder of your webserver, dependent from the list above. In this case it's en/. This directory contains a file named alert without an expansion with following content: SERVERALERT: Your Message. The html tags are not needed, unlike blizzards example. Note: While im writing this, wolverine79936 was faster and posted al
  10. Add status.wow-europe.com to your hosts file and redirect it to whatever ip you want. For example to your server, so you can deliver your own breaking news to the clients. Or to localhost to disable the messages. The above URL is for EU-Clients. I don't know the address of the breaking news for US-Clients or whether there is a difference between those two clients at all.
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