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  1. Omen of clarity Omen of clarity supposed to reduce mana/rage/energy cost by 100% on proc ( once ) It does reduce rage/energy cost but doesnt reduce mana cost.
  2. 3>F:\Rel20\rel20latest\server\src\game\SpellAuras.h(508): error C2864: 'Aura::m_SecondsPassed' : only static const integral data members can be initialized within a class 3>F:\Rel20\rel20latest\server\src\game\SpellAuras.h(509): error C2864: 'Aura::m_SecondTimer' : only static const integral data members can be initialized within a class
  3. Heartbeat system. Hey MaNGOS team, i've discoverd that the [url]http://www.wowwiki.com/Heartbeat_resist[/url] Heartbeat system is not implemented. Its ment to break crowd controls on certain points during a fight. Because right now sap/polymorph always last 50 seconds. :rolleyes: I already mentioned this to MadMax but i thought a tracker would help aswell.
  4. The updating of honor does not seem to be working That doesn't do anything.
  5. Does this contain a restarter for Ubuntu? If so where can i download :>
  6. CORE CRASH - Report ( Tame beast ) Hi all, During a recent testing session my beta testers found this core crashing bug. "A hunter tamed a scorpion named , Clack the Reaver ( [url]http://www.wowhead.com/npc=8301/clack-the-reaver[/url] ) he's a silver elite. The moment the tame beast ended the server crashed" Hope this is useful info. --- UPDATE This goed for any silver elite.
  7. Devour magic ( Felhunter pet ) Can't be cast in combat...
  8. Consume shadows ( Voidwalker pet ) Can't be used in combat it sas.
  9. Suffering ( Voidwalker pet ) Pet doesn't cast Suffering, whenever its cast the message happens "can't do that while in combat"
  10. Seduction ( Succubus pet ) Seduction doesn't function properly. Whenever this is cast the succubus will run toward the selected enemy, auto hit it and then start casting Seduction. Although seduction has a 30 yrd range and should not make your pet aggersive. Perhaps it has todo with the "passive" option not working 100% well.
  11. Lesser invisilibty ( Succubus Pet ) Lesser invisibilitty doesn't function properly, the first time u summon a succubus and teach it lesser invisiblity it works. Whenever u re-summon the succubus the ability breaks and doesn't work anymore.
  12. Fireballs D.O.T. Fireball rank1-2 DOT ( damage over time debuff ) doesn't deal damage. Any higher rank does.
  13. [dueling] die after a duel on high dmg taken. Players die after dueling if they take a good amount of damage.
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