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Is possible to have prospecting skill in 1.12 ?




I wonder is possible to have working prospecting skill in 1.12?

A u can see in other my posts am working on tbc alpha which is almost identical with 1.12. Because it is still hard to me, so i decided to check jevelcrafting in vanilla.

I did some required modifications in core and sql, and copied reqired files.

In effect, created working JC trainer, with working recipes, except prospecting - always shows " there is no gems in this"

list of my modyfications:

zero-core - lot of changes in many files exactly to like in mangos-one core (JC and prospecting entries, functions declarations etc)

sql added prospecting template, changed flags to prospectable (ore items) in item template.

oryginal tbc alpha dbc files (item,skill, ability etc) copied to 1.12. client and server

core compiles with no error

after running , core shows that is loading my new prospecting tempalte with no error.

ingame when trying prospect 5 copper ore - client says " there is no gems in this".

after checking wow.exe in hex - there are flags for prospecting, same as those listed in src.

So it could work, but is not ....

maybe its disabled, or i did mistake somwhere

And pls dont be angry at me that i bother you guys, am full of curiosity and enthusiasm with understanding mangos. It is my small hobby which is enjoys me a lot.

thanks for understanding and patience to my questions


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i imagine that it is disabled since it was one of the big additions to the final release TBC, and sadly changing the exe is illegal

On the server side, a majority of the code is shared among the different cores and it is normally a restriction of the client that prevents the additional functionality.

As another simple example... there is no flying in vanilla but it was brought in in TBC.

Appreciate you hunting through code and exe's for the relevant information

Hope this helps


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