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chmod: cannot access `make_full_db.sh': No such file or directory



hello i was following this guide [Wiki] Compiling on Linux, complete beginner's guide.trying to set it up on ubuntu 12.04 lts headless server .and i dont know that much about mysql. so i probly missed a step some where.but when i got to the SQL batch magic .ScriptDev2 also needs its own database. is when i noticed i was haveing a problem.i copied this chmod +x make_full_db.sh in and got this chmod: cannot access `make_full_db.sh': No such file or directory so if anybody can see where i messed up i would be thank full for the help. thanks for your time

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ok here is a update. i go to mangos database.and this is what is there (MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_2 & MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_3) so i go into (MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_2) and i find this (_extras full_db.sql? make_full_db.bat make_full_db.sh mangos) i go into ( MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_3) i find this (MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_3_2.7z). so when i go inside (MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_2) and do bash make_full_db.sh i get (make_full_db.sh: line 21: warning: here-document at line 1 delimited by end-of-file (wanted `EOF')). so my question is does any of this even look right or am i way out past left field lost. thats what it feals like.thanks for your time.

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