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Hello Mangos, it's been a long time... wait, what happened here?


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So, it's been at least 5 years since I've setup a mangos server; I remember when UDB made its first release; but I'm back.

A lot has changed, and that's to be expected. I think it's good that the different major releases of wow have been split into different projects, this way development can be focused on particular revisions. One major change that I've found and has caused a great struggle for me is the lack of consistent and concise documentation. Back when this project only had one release/version to maintain it was fine to only have a single help and support. Beneath that help and support were several stickies on how to setup on various OS's and features/tools. Now that Mangos has 4 different version this leads to a lot of confusion. I've literally stumbled through setting up a Mangos 3 server. It's no where near fully functional, lots of errors during the setup process, lots of errors starting the server, lots of errors logged by the server when just logging into the client. It's very confusing to setup a Mangos X server when half-way through the document you're following starts referencing things that only pertain to Mangos Zero. So does that mean that the document was made to install Mangos Zero? What am I missing? Several instructions would reference something, then I would find that mine has nothing like that. For instance when following this (http://getmangos.eu/bb/topic/344/how-to-compile-on-linux-ubuntu/ or http://getmangos.eu/bb/topic/796/wiki-compiling-on-linux-complete-beginners-guide/) guide it references

Now you need to populate the databases. This includes quests, dialog, etc. There is a script that will compile a massive number of sql files into one big sql batch you can apply at once.

cd /home/mangos/database
chmod +x make_full_db.sh
mysql -u root -p mangos < full_db.sql

Which does not exist. Mangos 3 database directory has 2 sub directories MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_2 and MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_3 which each have completely different contents not addressed by any tutorial or documentation that I could find. Going to the IRC rooms feels almost hopeless because there's maybe 1 person in there. The only person active in 2 days was Yehonal who attempted to help me with some issues with vmapextractor and vmap_assembler, the advice he gave was according to everything that I had read, but in the end the executables aren't behaving as they are documented (at least not in my case).

What I'm trying to get at is the need for having sub-forums beneath Help & Support for each of the different versions. If the different versions of Mangos are going to differ that much then this is a necessity.

This project (for some reason) feels smaller than what it once was years ago and I feel that minor changes like this can help to encourage new users. If the reasoning for not doing this is lack of moderator or documentation support, I'm sure that if we put the call out, many people would gladly contribute; myself included. Hopefully this gets the attention of some admins and devs and some progress can be made in this direction, if not, I am eager to know why this wouldn't work or be good.

Thanks everybody.

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The repositories for the various cores have undergone significant restructuring. As such, you cannot entirely trust the links in the guides or any bash scripts written by the authors to automate the process.

The basic steps are still the same... pull, patch, compile, install DB and scripts. You'll have to rely on your previous experience and wits, plus some manual labor, but it's not really that complicated to execute a compile and run a few SQL statements.

We do need people who are not only willing to write new guides, but keep them maintained. Keeping the guides current has been the biggest issue.

Contact Antz, if you would like to write up a new guide for the wiki.

Until then, post any additional questions on setting up your server in our Help And Support section and we'll try to get you up and running.

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I am also working on putting all the major information into the wiki

- I am currently awaiting permisison from the original posters for a lot of articles before they go in.

I am always grateful for any help on the wiki's, documentation seems to have been forgotten for the last few years so we are playing catchup big time.

in the meantime, as Unkle said..... post them on the help forum, i check the forum at least once a day to reply to issues

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