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I've never really played WoW live. I played back in WoW 1.12, for a 14-day trial period, and did not try the priest.

My real question, though, is this: My friend and I are playing with Mangos and are wondering, are priests really that weak or do I need to tone down the mobs some how? My friend is a lvl 11 human priest and lvl14 mobs kill him in 3 hits or less unless I am with him.

Does anyone have an answer to this issue?

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I recommend to use following abilities as soon as they are available:

  • Power Word: Fortitude (for more stamina)
  • Power Word: Shield
  • Inner Fire (for more armor)

Also be aware that mobs which are more than three (>3) level higher than you have a chance of a crushing strikes, which are more powerfull and deadly than critical strikes.

The only class who deal easily with these strikes was the death knight. All other classes has problems to survive these, especially you wear cloth.

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