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Hello again everyone.

I was interested in bringing up my own beta server, so I can play with the core without hurting anything. Unfortunately, I recompiled on a second computer, updated the realmd database to include the second server and it says that it is connecting to the beta server and then it just connects to the original server under the "auspice" of the beta server.

I hope this make sense. I go to realmlist, select the beta server and hit connect, but it acts like it's still the original server.

I even tried setting the Realmzone to 1, but then it totally disappears from the realmlist altogether. :(

Please help.

I don't need to create a whole new database on the new system and all that, do I? That will take forever again. :/

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If you want a second server, which shares the accounts with the first one, you need the following requirements:

  • 1 realmd.exe
  • 1 realmd database
  • 2 mangosd.exe
  • 2 mangosd world databases
  • 2 characters databases

You can't share the mangosd and characters database with multple servers but you can share the folders dbc, maps, vmaps and mmaps.

You wrote you use for the second server an additional computer. So my post will based on following szenario (hope this will match your setup):

On the first computer is installed mysql with the databases mangosd, characters and realmd and running mangosd.exe and realmd.exe

On the second computer is also installed mysql with the databases mangosd and characters and running only mangosd.exe.

The first thing we need is an additional row in our realmlist table on the first computer.

| id | name       | address      | port | icon | realmflags | timezone | allowedSec*Lvl | popu* | *builds |
|  1 | LiveServer | | 8085 |    1 |          2 |        9 |              0 |     0 | 8606    |
|  2 | BetaServer | | 8085 |    1 |          2 |        9 |              0 |     0 | 8606    |

Copy the values from the first row except id and address. Address is the IP or URL from your second computer.

If you run both server on the same computer you have the same address but you need to choose a free port number e.g 8086.

Now we're done with the first computer. You have to restart your realmd.exe to load the new server in the realmlist.

On the second computer you only have mangosd.exe and the databases mangosd and characters. No realmd database, no realmd.exe.

Edit the mangosd.conf file and change following values.

LoginDatabaseInfo     = ";3306;username;password;realmd" // realmd database on your first
                                                                    // computer
WorldDatabaseInfo     = ";3306;username;password;beta_mangos" // local database
CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;username;password;beta_characters" // local database

Make sure your database server on your first computer allows connections from outside.

If you run both server on the same computer you need also to adjust the following value:

WorldServerPort = 8086 // whatever port you chose for your new server

Now you should be able to select your beta realm on the loginscreen and connect to your second computer.

I hope it works.

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