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[Zero] why custom areatrigger_teleport is not working ?



Id like to use inactive instance portal to teleport from 1 place to another.

i have added new areatrigger in areatrigger.dbc with unique id, and added new entry in areatrigger_teleport table. after that dbc file is in server folder, Mangos runs without any errors, but trigger is not working. Command .go areatrigger (trigger_id) takes me to place where trigger is located, but not teleports me to destination place.

my sql line looks like that :

'4135', 'destination place name', '0', '0', '0', '0', '532', '-11040.1', '-1996.85', '94.6837', '2.20224'

areatrigger.dbc line :

4135; 0; -11041.9003906; -1995.01000977; 93.0334014893; 0.0; 8.97200012207; 5.5560002327; 13.3299999237; 5.37599992752,

532 area exists ( .go xyz takes me there)

any suggestion what am doing wrong?

thanks Stan

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changing client files (dbc) is against our policies and would have blizz knocking on our door real quick.

saying that, I would imagine that the changes would need to be done in three places.

The MPQ containing the dbc would need to be changed with the modified DBC added to it, the modified dbc would also need to be added to the server's dbc files.

Finally, the database would need changes to support the file changes.

which core are you working on ?

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