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Thoughts about the new repos


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Seeing as we may have to create brand new repos soon due to the incompetence of Github, this could be a good opportunity to also tidy up the repos.

Generally each Core Version is made up of three components:

  • [li]Server Core[/li]
    [li]Scripting Library[/li]

With just these 3 for each of the 5 cores means that we have 25 repos, this can quickly become very daunting.

One idea which has been suggested in the past is to have a main repo for each component, with the core versions as branches within it.

For example, we currently have:-

github.com/mangoszero/server and github.com/mangosone/server

These are cloned using the following command:-

git clone github.com/mangoszero/server.git zero


git clone github.com/mangosone/server.git one

Now by creating each as a branch in the new server repo (called Zero & One) these clone commands would change to:-

git clone -b Zero github.com/mangos/server.git zero


git clone -b One github.com/mangos/server.git one

Anyone have any thoughts about this ?

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Good Idea that, I have just 1 Question, How much of the Code is the Same across all of the Server Cores and if it's a Large Part then why not have just 1 Repo for the Static Part and then treat the Differences as Patches kinda like Blueboy's Patch, this same method could be used for the DB as well because I couldn't see more than 1/4 different from Core to Core... and as to the Scripting and DB I thought SD2 took care of the Scripting and UDB took Care of the DB or did something else happen in my absence???

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What happened.... Squabbles happened and all hell broke loose, I'm hoping to try and get back to some sort of normality soon and do a review of these repos.

One of my grand plans is to review the code for overlap, but that is no mean feat !

Once we get things a bit more settled we can crack on and start getting things like this sorted out.

As for the scripting team.... The scriptdev team decided not to support us anymore and support another group instead.

- This meant that we have had to branch their repo and then apply some minor changes for continued support of mangos.

Hopefully if they decide to support us again we can drop our scripts repo's !

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Sorry to hear that, but that's one of the reasons I absented myself almost 2 years ago now. I didn't see a reason for it then and look what it's done now....and beleve or not it's also the reason I left the group back when skeletar had it way back when. Yes I came back in what back around what was it last Oct/Nov but when I asked about why there were arguments then I got slapped for it and decided it wasn't worth the time at that point. I was starting to understand C++ and about to try to help in someway other than with the Database. But that's the breaks I guess. Personally I'm too old to sit there and fight about silly stuff and not too stuck up to admit I'm wrong or dumb enough not to realize I don't know it all...Basically I guess you can say I'm just OLD...But I do like playing WoW still but not on the real Servers (too many headaches and cost).

If this is in the wrong place to talk about please feel free to move it to a more suitable place, also when and if you need help I will try to do my best just don't ask me to be an Admin/Moderator/Sysop...Those days are long gone for me.

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Yeah, the in-fighting and ego's of some of the team severely demoralised a lot of people.

I enjoy playing wow via Mangos and thats the reason why I helped keep this project going. All the ego-maniacs have left leaving the rest of us to enjoy the project without getting slapped down or criticised for our lack of knowledge.

Mangos was always supposed to be about learning and helping others, along the way that seemed have been forgotten.

- I intend to bring that back to mangos.

In the 5 months since i've been on the team I focussed heavily on knocking the wiki into shape and documenting as such as possible.

- Over 2000 new Wiki pages were created during that time

I am also pushing for anyone that has done any research into things we take for granted like the map/vmap extractors and other tools to publish their findings.

- I myself have been reverse engineering ad.exe to see exactly how it does what it does.

Just glad to have you around, the more the merrier :)

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I’ve been thinking about this, this is my thoughts on it

I think hosting a git server might not be a bad idea it should be used as a backup only

This would allow if a hacker got in again it would be annoyance but wouldn’t stop us

As for layout i think KISS principle would be a good thing to remember, especially if you want to cut down tech support questions


git clone -b Zero github.com/mangos/server.git zero

Looks more confusing and error prone to me then

git clone github.com/mangoszero/server.git zero

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I agree with the KISS principle which was why changing the repos to the new model was suggested.

I agree that users will fall into two groups:-

Those that are capable of following the instructions and building the servers successfully from whereever they are

Those that really shouldn't be trying to build a server, but want to.

The new repo layout would/should make no difference to the first group at all

For the second group, I am looking at providing a monthly build of the server core/ extraction tools and database in a simple .zip package (with other os's following soon)

Legally we are not allowed to provide a 'ready made' server package, but we can provide the server core, database and extraction tools.

One of the things that makes the 25 repo system a little tricky to navigate is that gibhub orders the repos by last updated, which can start to make them tricky to find

Again, these are just my thoughts ;)

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Currently I suspect we will stay with github for the short term.

We have tried a few alternatives and despite them being ok, they all have different pros & cons.

We have even tried a git host on this server as an option, it works but the web interface is not polished enough.

If we do decide to move, we'll do it in an orderly fashion.

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