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[Three] Help Please "Error not found The procedure entry point [email protected]"


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Error not found The procedure entry point [email protected]@@[email protected] in the dynamic link library mangosd.exe"

Please I need help with this error T_T, im new in this

And please i have other problem, when I make an account, and then I entered the WoW characters appear who believes in that account, and whenever I have to create new characters, but the characters previously created remain in the database

I use the Three MaNGOS core (4.3.4 Patch)

Please help me!

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Solved :) but i have a new problem.

Thank you very much for being interested :)

I want to make my server public, but I do all the steps of tutorials and videos on youtube, but I can not connect, I mean, when I open the wow client and put the username and password, I get the realm, but will not let me simply click many times I do but nothing that enters the realm, confingure host file system 32, and I've set the field in the database but I can not solve the problem.

please help T-T

sorry im new in this T-T but I learn fast :)

P.D. My english is very bad e.e im using the google translate :)

please HELP!

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Domain names were prevented from working in the 4.x client

so instead of: pegasuswow.zapto.org you will need:

However, be aware of what you are trying to do it technically illegal !

Please read this post:-


lei and the content of the post, and thank you very much, but please explain to me how I can use my IP to connect with my friends?

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