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I feel drained.



Okay, so I decided yesterday I wanted to compile a server so that mean and my friend could learn to code in C++ and make an amusing playground for ourselves with Mangos Zero.

I followed this guide here: https://github.com/mangoswiki/Wiki/wiki/WindowsInstallVM simply because it was the only guide with any content in it.

Now I followed this guide down to the last detail except for modifying # add_subdirectory(scripts) in the Cmake.txt file, because I couldn't find it, I even searched for it and it wouldn't show up so it must not exist, so I skipped that.

The problem I'm having is, at the end of the guide it says to go back into SQLyog and open up the realmd tree to find the realmlist subfolder, but it's not there and I don't know where I went wrong.. do you guys have a better guide or something? I'm willing to start all over, but this thing literally took me all night long to compile on my slow computer.. I just want this crazy fest to end so I can at LEAST play locally on my server, if not co-operatively with my friend through Hamachi.

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