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[three] Riding speed do not apply!!



MaNGOS/ (* * Revision 12632 - *) for Linux_x64 (little-endian) [world-daemon]

Using World DB: MaNGOS3_Cata_Rev_3

Using creature EventAI: ACID 3.1.0 'Another Wild Adventure'

installed and running my server....

but Riding speed do not apply and can't fly

what is problem????

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This is a known issue with three (cata) with our devs are currently working on.

- three is only regarded as an alpha quality release, there are currently many many issues

If you are looking for a playable core, we would advise two (wotlk) or lower instead.

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A lot of public servers use our code (and that of other groups) then make changes to it to get things working but sadly they do not provide the updated code back to use to implement.

If I remember correctly (someone please correct me), the terms of gpl license state that they have to provide the code back !

Our Three Dev is currently looking into this issue, but as yet he does not have a solution

- If you are technically minded, any additional analysis and information you can find on this issue would be appreciated

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