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Hi there,

this is theluda. Some may know me from back in 2005, when I founded the mangos project, and together with a few put up the first bits of code, some of which are even in mangos today.

Following the recent events, I have resigned from my duty as headmaster of this party, and am merely here to provide a bit of advice, support, and from time to time submit bits of code, and patches.

I am not active on the forums usually, but just on github, where you can find me on http://github.com/danielsreichenbach. If you want to get in touch me with me, send tweets to @marenkay.

Aside from mangos, I am working as software developer for almost 20 years now, and work on a growing app named "family".

What else? I do run marathons, and love sports. And I don't watch television, but stick with good old books.

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