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[patch][7252] .goname/.namego for battlegrounds

Guest balrok

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.goname and .namego currently doesn't work if one player is in a battleground

- i made them work again








i don't know the real reason, why this wasn't allowed before my change, but after some tests with this patch, my server hadn't crashed at all..

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clean mangos-0.12 7174

i can execute goname or namego, but:

1) cannot port from one person to another between BGs/arenas or even at the sane bg/arena

2) when player is in starting area (base) on WSG i can't pass gate (even when opened) << pretty annoying

i'll try your patch with next recompilation

There's a lot more, like porting the GM away when the BG ends, unable to .tele inside a BG/arena map, etc.

I wanted to do such checks myself, but then I realized that instance system is far away from me and leaving GM hanging in some instance as an exception could lead to crashes.

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