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First you need to have the editor, which is vs2005, 2008,2010,2012 any two (of course, can also be one of only some versions support different compiler)

I think the compiler does not need me now. baidu look will have a good effect.

Second you need to source.

In mangos core link on the home page. There are five open later version, the current 5.X is yet to be compiled. You can choose one of them

Well, open your favorite version, see the right "Download zip" Click to download

After the download is complete, extract, now compiled. Open your compiler, the upper left corner of the "File" there are open - open source project --- folder inside the win

Well, now there are many things to see, now we want to build is mangosdVC100 (where the numbers represent the version 70 = 2005,90 = 2008,100 = 2010,110 = 2012)

After opening for the novice, we first compile is the primary goal, and now the toolbar in the compiler to find the "Generate" to open inside the Configuration Manager, and then select the solution, the default is Debug, we changed playable Releas As for platform is 32bit or 64bit version is to look at your system to choose. The next step is to wait patiently. You will see below the state prompted the compiler "Updating", so he end of the update, it will display "Ready" This time we can start generating, click on the toolbar to generate generate solutions. Then is patiently waiting ......

Generation after ...... you will see there will be a source directory "bin" folder. Well, there is that you end up just generated. As mangos.conf and realmd.conf if not automatically copied to here, then you can go to the \ src \ mangosd and \ src \ realmd inside replication. Formerly known as "realmd.conf.dist.in" the suffix. Dist.in can be removed

Here the whole end to compile complete, so if you import a database, modify a good conf inside the database account password, you can log in, but why the incorrect it? Well, we did not map file! Now extract map files. Source directory contrib \ extractor_binary which has compiled a map extract files, if you feel bad you can modify and re-compile the source code, or directly copied to the root directory of your World of Warcraft. First run ad.exe extraction dbc and map, then that is vmapExtractor then MoveMapGen, of course, different versions of the name may be different, detailed information, please baidu

After a good map extracts need to put the server's root directory.

Well, I logged up, but ...... no npc and monster AI scripts. This world, only you alone, alone will make you stand ...... Well, I'm going crazy.

So we began to import the entire world library data. Of course, also in the next version of the source link ...... you can see the World DataBase some versions even have several world library, well, you have a choice of ...... downloading codecs to open the database in full_db will find inside, so much! We can not import the right one! That a waste of time! Of course, this is the solution. Open another directory "_tools" There is one called "make_full_db" batch file, double-click it, and then it will automatically generate an integrated full_db all tables in a sql file integration, access to the file, import your database mangos years, and then landing the game, is not a NPC and monsters of it? Good, but all the monsters Why are not magic, it is because I am handsome? They saw it I was shocked!

This amount ...... what. I'm not narcissistic ...... called flirting Well,,,,

Next we need to download an AI script. Source is also next to a link, MaNGOS Script Library Well, or several versions, choose it ...... Also, downloading codecs. . . . We get into the folder \ src \ bindings below. If the compiler error, please check the folder name, and half call "scriptdev2" Of course, different versions of the name are not the same ...... continue baidu bar ......

And service side of the same compiler. Then to the bin which can be found more than a name change to change scriptdev2.conf.dist.in same database account password. . . . . . Then \ src \ bindings \ scriptdev2 \ sql inside the database file into the database. One is to create srciptdev2 database, there is a need to import mangos mangos library full library. Completed. We can open the service side. Some places will complain. For example, the version number is wrong, we can see the error of the content. db is what what wrong version. . . . \ Sql \ updates which version it is. You need to import version. Then there is the registered account on the server side. Landing the game ...... wow premise is that you modify the root directory of the realmlist inside ip. . . . .

Simple version of the tutorial, available to all standalone players wow loving. If you have any good project. Share on mangos go.

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