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Assuming you're using 1.12.X there's a solution (Sort of)


The warden branch is outdated but it works for protecting against MPQ, Lua and DLL Injections. The core is not any where near complete to correctly handle custom Signatures so the above 3 listed is only available at this time.

I currently in use is 2.4.3, mangos with the speed of detection is invalid. I found some servers can achieve shielding such tools, as long as use will kick out the player. I don't know how to achieve specific...

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Unfortunately there is a limited amount of signatures available for 2.4.3 But you can try these if you don't have them already

INSERT INTO `warden_data_result` (`check`, `data`, `str`, `address`, `length`, `result`, `comment`) VALUES
(243,'','',4840352,2,'558B','lua protection'),
(243,'','',8979979,5,'E04D62503F','Hyper speed'),
(243,'','',8100062,2,'7541','air jump'),
(217,'', 'SPEEDHACK-X86_64.DLL', '', '', '', 'SPEED HACK - Injected DLL'),
(217,'', 'WPESPY.DLL', '', '', '', 'WPE PRO - Injected DLL'),
(217,'', 'IHOOK.DLL', '', '', '', 'ASM - Injected DLL'),
(217,'', 'WHITEMAGIC.DLL', '', '', '', 'Application Inject Library - Injected DLL'),
(217,'', 'GREYMAGIC.DLL', '', '', '', 'Automation Botting Library - Injected DLL'),
(217,'', 'BLACKMAGIC.DLL', '', '', '', 'Memory Inject Library - Injected DLL'),
(217,'', 'RPE.DLL', '', '', '', 'rEdoX Packet Editor - Injected DLL');

NOTE: Might need to readjust the query to insert into your DB. If not awesome!

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