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  1. krill

    Installing MangosSharp

    Make a new text file and name it stats with a .xml extension in D:\mangos_my\MangosSharp-main\Bin\stats\
  2. krill

    Installing MangosSharp

    The core is suppose to auto generate the file. Try manually creating it.
  3. krill

    Installing MangosSharp

    Looks like your native language character set is unsupported by the core. Try changing it to English then try again.
  4. MaNGOSVB Recruitment Short and Sweet, we are looking for more developer's on our .NET branch of MaNGOS, It includes unique features such as Map Clustering, which allows for more than one concurrent WorldServer to host the game. Requirements Basic Knowledge of vb.net, querying of SQL and how to pull, push and commit on GitHub. Willingness to become a MaNGOS Developer and be added to the getMaNGOS Developer Discord Repository: https://github.com/mangosvb/serverZero IssueTracker: https://www.getmangos.eu/bug-tracker/mangos-vb/ IssueTracker (Unused): https://github
  5. Arena scoreboard shows players on the wrong team Antisocial and Qqmoreplz should be on the green team where the rating was given, not taken away. The PvP tab shows the rating correctly when pressing 'H' - the scoreboard is simply showing the players on the wrong team. [url]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/152996050788024321/177768365614432257/arena-scoreboard.png[/url]
  6. fel cannons at forge camp: mageddon they move towards you when they are not suppose to.
  7. Master loot bug Master loot is broken, can't give items to other players in group. IIRC this was fixed on One, just needs to be applied over.
  8. Last boss in ramparts, loot chest in wrong location Last boss loot chest spawns behind you where you came from in the main entrance to this section of the instance where it forks off between the two bosses.
  9. Hellfire sentries, last boss in ramparts Hellfire sentries are both supposed to pull at end boss instead of the ability to be single pulled.
  10. Omor the Unscarred Did not reset after our group wiped however we received the loot anyway, seems to be a visual bug but still annoying. Could possibly apply to all mobs/bosses in dungeons/raids.
  11. Loot tables are incorrect (Ramparts specifically) Archmage slippers of the owl (level 69) drops in ramparts, also found a level 67 grey quality belt. This isn't supposed to drop here. Loot table in general is dodgy.
  12. Wrong weapon on Bleeding Hollow Archer Bleeding hollow archer has a staff equipped instead of proper bow.
  13. Karazhan scripted but needs work Midnight - Attunmen becomes a friendly target after mounting Midnight, continues to attack you but you cannot attack him. Moroes - Works perfectly Opera - Crone event has the ability to fear you out of combat and a couple of mobs may disengage and disapear, bugging the event and locking you in the room. Mage Boss - Works flawlessly Chess event - Partially works, you can select the king but he walks to the top of the stairs for whatever reason and you can not move him. Didn't get to test moving pieces because of this. Netherspite - seems to work fine but may hav
  14. Kael'thas Sunstrinder Encounter needs full scripting.
  15. Nagrand, Blessing of Incineratus Quest Quest works with quest item and going into huts and using it to destroy them but the huts do not catch fire whenever you use the quest item inside the huts.
  16. Vanish does not cancel properly When you vanish as a rogue, the vanish buff stays up even when you exit stealth. It should not do this. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WzzX-Zjva8[/url]
  17. Mutilate Cold Blood, Rogue When ever you have cold blood on and use Mutilate it should crit twice not just one time.
  18. Ashes of Al'ar Al'ar is extremely slow to reach the platforms after you begin the encounter. Doesn't respawn after you kill it to enter the final phase. Encounter needs full scripting. The Eye needs full scripting.
  19. krill


    Zul'Aman Harrison Jones (24358) has the "Through the Dark Portal" quest. Gossip works, he will go to the bell and ring it with his mace. No sound is played. He won't stop hitting it, gates don't open. Full instance needs full scripting. (2.3)
  20. Succubus pet, Warlock Warlock pet succubus spell "Seducction" doesnt work. It only works when its right next to the target/player, otherwise it attempts to seduce the target however as soon as the spell becomes active on the target it cancels the spell and progresses toward the target attacking it via melee.
  21. Force of Nature, Druid Force of Nature druid spell spawns the trees and they attack but they cannot be attacked during a duel.
  22. Healing spells, Druid Lifebloom, Regrowth, Rejuvenation heal, but they do not heal or show healing at full hp when it should still show healing in combat log and show heal tics while at full hp.
  23. Cast bar [visual bug] When attack mid cast by ONLY a melee attack (doesn't happen when attacked by Bonechewer evokers fireball but is 100% recreatable vs Bonechewer scavangers) the cast is delayed by longer than it should and the cast bar disappears
  24. Water elemental A few bugs with this one: 1. freeze does not interupt waterbolt 2. If you open on a mob with freeze the elemental will not autocast waterbolt but will melee attack if in range 3. Even after turning auto waterbolt off and on again and using the attack command and turning onto aggressive doesn't fix 2 Manually clicking waterbolt does make him cast but not automatically Potential fix/help [url]https://github.com/lovelol/server/commit/dfb3a3246753bb94a437faf7e17f3b2cf1980aa8[/url]
  25. [Mob] Bonechewer raider visual bug Bonechewer raider doesn't dismount when attacked but the worg spawns
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