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[Zero] How to use dual-IP,Two IP connections to the same mangosd



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If you want to allow connection on any IP then set it to

Open realmd.conf and change like the example below:

BindIP = ""

Open mangosd.conf and change like the example below:

BindIP = ""

Open the database realmd and go to table realmlist and change like the example below:


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I may be the expression is unclear.

My server has two public IP corresponding to two different gateways. For example:

A IP: Gateway:

B IP: Gateway:

I think if the player is connected to A IP,, then out through gateway,

If it is connected to the B IP,, then out through gateway.

If the database realmd table realmlist set Address:

So no matter A IP or B IP connection he would be A gateway out.

I thought of a way to use the domain name instead of

database realmd table realmlist

Address: - Address: www.abc.com

Then A IP and B IP are resolved to www.abc.com

The question now is to use A IP connection may jump B gateway.

I want results are:

Instead of

Tell me how to do it, thank you.

Again sorry, my English is poor, can only use GOOGLE translation. Do not know if you can understand what I mean.

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use the same A(host) For example: www

A(HOST) Points to



Now can connect, but will appear with IP connectivity realmserver, will go to in worldserver.

I need to use the realmserver which IP will use the same IP-wroldserver.

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