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A bit about Nacmac


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I'll try to keep this relevant and not drift too much...

I'm a professional geek, 24+ years in the game. These days I'm a senior linux admin at a large company. I've done dev, test, qa, documentation, architecture and pretty much everything else in the software development life cycle at one time or another.

Alas, my coding days were in C (C++ had not yet been invented). Since then, I merely dabble... lua, perl, python and erlang, mostly.

I've played with various emulators in the past - gotten them ported from windows to linux, cleaned up DBs (I know enough SQL to be dangerous), did some framework scripting, system level monitoring, etc.

My particular areas of expertise are automation and system/information security and privacy.

If there's something you feel I can be of help with, let me know. Else I'll most likely just poke around, run some servers, contribute back whatever I can find.



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