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Patch [SQL] rename TABLE character_tutorial TO account_tutorial

Guest Etznab

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  • * What bug does the patch fix? What features does the patch add?

In previous commits the tutorial relation has been changed from character to account.

The table name (character_tutorial) was not changed to reflect changes inside the table (account_tutorial).

  • * For which repository revision was the patch created?

[7208] aab9a8d92f542fb7fd34b19a5d5a0e77ee8a8177

  • * Is there a thread in the bug report section or at lighthouse?


  • * Who has been writing this patch?


Patch C++:


Patch SQL:

RENAME TABLE character_tutorial TO account_tutorial;

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My main reason for the renaming:

  • * this table does not contain any character related data.

About the clarity, there is a table named "account_data" this table does almost the same thing as character_tutorial:

  • * keep track of account specific info for the current realm.

This to me makes no sence to have 2 tables with different pretext that do the same:

  • * account_data
    * character_tutorial

In my view all tables that store the same (related) data, should for the sake of consistency have the same pretext example:

  • * account_ (data, tutorial)
    * arena_ (team, team_member, team_stats)
    * character_ (achievement, achievement_progress, action, etc)
    * etc

My C++ skills are louzy so the patch i created could use cleanups.

Hoping i could clarify my view and reasoning.


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if the tutorial is realy saved per account, i think this name makes it much more clear.. on the other hand, it at least doesn't confuse anyone

about the patch: i greped the code for all characters_tutorial occurences and they get all changed through the patch..

but in playerdump.h the line "account_tutorial" doesn't need to be added, cause it isn't in the DTT_CHAR_TABLE (i think someone forgot to remove this comment some day)

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