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hi all

i want to start server 3.0.8

i downloaded git and did git pull made the compilation with visual studio

and used the sql map with character and realmd and mangos full db's

so this means realmd and mangos and the character db are updated to the

latest sql file i compiled in this case 2714 that is the latest pull

is this correct or do i need to update the full db's

ok next question

i deleted the mangos full db and used udb 0.11 the kraken

so i have mobs in my db now the 0.11 udb kraken db says it for 7069 core

but i use 7214 so i go to updates and update from 7069 to 7214 only the

sql's where is mangos infront and i get no errors

but now when i play the game and i learn my self shoot gun

i have the spell but when i relog it is gone now is this a mangos bug

or did i also need to update the character db.?

thx gohan

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