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Automated Mangos + SD2 Installation Script (bash)

Guest Deadalus

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Required Packages:

git (i use

svn (i use 1.4.4)

automake (i use 1.10)

make (i use GNU make 3.81)

libtool (i useGNU libtool 1.5.24)

Cuz I dunno which versions are required to compile, i posted my versions of these tools.

If there are more packages needed, please reply and I'll add them here.

#This is for a complete fresh install of mangos + sd2
#Don't forget to have a database ready 
set checkoutdir=/opt/mangossrc
set installdir=/opt/mangos

#Don't change beyond this line, unless you know, what you're doing
mkdir $checkoutdir/logs
echo "Checking out source from git..."
git clone git://github.com/mangos/mangos.git $checkoutdir>>logs/git.log
cd $checkoutdir
echo "Checking out ScriptDev2..."
svn co [url]https://scriptdev2.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scriptdev2/[/url] src/bindings/ScriptDev2>>logs/svnsd2.log
echo "Applying Patch..."
git apply src/bindings/ScriptDev2/patches/MaNGOS-2008-12-22-ScriptDev2.patch>>logs/sd2patch.log
echo "Creating configure and dependencies..."
autoreconf -f -i>>logs/autoconf.log
mkdir objdir
cd objdir
echo "Configuring..."
../configure --prefix=$installdir --sysconfdir=$installdir/etc --enable-cli --enable-ra --datadir=$installdir>>logs/configure.log
echo "Compiling..."
echo "Installing..."
make install>>logs/makeinstall.log
echo "All done! If your compiled mangos is not in `$installdir` please check the logfiles for errors. Otherwise it is now safe to remove them."
echo "You will need Client Build `more $checkoutdir/src/realmd/AuthCodes.h|grep EXPECTED_MANGOS_CLIENT_BUILD|awk '{print $3}'|sed 's/,//'|sed 's/{//'` to connect to this server."

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