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[fix][5839] Channeling Spells Which Cause Damage To Caster, Reduce Own Duration

Guest Ultron

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What bug does the patch fix?

When channeling spells like Hellfire cause damage to caster, they shorten own duration.

For which SubVersion revision was the patch created?


Who has been writing this patch?


Index: Unit.cpp
--- Unit.cpp        (revision 5789)
+++ Unit.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -830,10 +830,13 @@
                                        uint32 channelInterruptFlags = pVictim->m_currentSpells[CURRENT_CHANNELED_SPELL]->m_spellInfo->ChannelInterruptFlags;
                                        if( channelInterruptFlags & CHANNEL_FLAG_DELAY )
-                                                int32 delay = int32(0.25f * GetSpellDuration(pVictim->m_currentSpells[CURRENT_CHANNELED_SPELL]->m_spellInfo));
+                                                if(pVictim!=this) //don't shorten the duration of channeling if you damage yourself
+                                                {
+                                                int32 delay = int32(0.25f * GetSpellDuration(pVictim->m_currentSpells[CURRENT_CHANNELED_SPELL]->m_spellInfo));
                                                sLog.outDetail("Spell %u delayed (%d) at damage!",pVictim->m_currentSpells[CURRENT_CHANNELED_SPELL]->m_spellInfo->Id,delay);
-                                        }
+                                                }
+                                        }
                                        else if( (channelInterruptFlags & (CHANNEL_FLAG_DAMAGE | CHANNEL_FLAG_DAMAGE2)) )
                                                sLog.outDetail("Spell %u canceled at damage!",pVictim->m_currentSpells[CURRENT_CHANNELED_SPELL]->m_spellInfo->Id);


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