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I'm working on a analytics tool like World of Logs for Vanilla-Clients.

Because of a limited scanaerea of log-files i need to merge two or more log-files to get the whole whole raid in range.

Now I've got the problem that each log-file uses local timestamps. These Timestamps are afflicted by laggs and are different to other log-files.


8/21 00:19:29.606  Elfenblume's Frostblitz trifft General Drakkisath für 1021 Frostschaden.
8/21 00:19:36.798  Elfenblume's Frostbolt hits General Drakkisath for 1021 Frost damage.

These two entries describe the same event, one in german and one in english but there is a difference of 7 seconds!

I could group each entry within a 30 sekunds duration and only insert a entry if it describes a new event.

This seems not good and is much inefficient!

Are there any posibilities to change the timestamp into servertime and increase scan range of WoWcombatlog.txt?



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That is an interesting bug.

When I was raiding back in vanilla, I was the most technical person in the guild, so I got the job of getting all the combat logs from MC consolidated and uploaded to the website at the time that showed graphs of the various fights. It was a real pain in the ass, because there was a max radius that combat logs were generated for. In early instances that were big, it was possible to be too far from people in the raid and miss their activities. (It sucked) I wished the WoW devs would have written the server to send the logs of everyone in the instance, and not in a radius. It would have probably been more computationally efficient, as it would have avoided a collision check with the 'listener', since like 90% of the time that would just yield the entire raid's actions in any event.

However, that being said, I never saw a discrepancy between time stamps like that. Based on your evidence, I suspect that the server might be stamping messages when they are dispatched to a client, and not when they are actually being generated. I'd have to start digging into code to verify this, though.  Every event that occurs server side should have a UTC time stamp applied upon generation that can be converted to local time by the client, but the actual implementation will depend on what the client API is expecting to be delivered.

...Hi, I'm a new dev here. I might just look at this problem as a first project.




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