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Which Mangos bug, bugs you the most

Guest Voltage

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Go on then, out of all the current problems with our beloved Mangos, which bug (only one each mind), would you like to see solved the most? and instead of just moaning about the bug, maybe put some ideas down of how you think it could/should be solved. These are current bugs from the latest revision mind.

Mangos bugs only! No DB or scripting!

Ill kick things off


NPC height references- various non agressive npc on interaction/chat/trading will re-reference their height to map and player and then change accordingly. This in turn makes them have a gap between the ground and the floor making them look like they are levitating like a priest. A good example of this is to chat to the boy in Lakeshire who gives you a quest to retrieve something from the bottom of the lake.

Possible Solution

Me and a few others have been racking our brains on this one, its obvious that the NPC is not referencing the correct ground height and sticking to it, the only solution we can come up with is deleting the npc from the DB and then re-making them corrects the issue, obviously doing this for every npc doing the problem is one hell of a time consuming task. Difficult to tell if it is a DB bug though as the entries in the DB look correct.

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