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Hello everyone,

I'm new to mangos in its current version. I believe I used it way back in the day just after burning legion, but not since. Anyhow, I'm trying to set up a Panda server since Warlords doesn't seem to be out yet, and I'm having a problem.

When running the 'ad' program to extract data, it returns with a "No locales detected" problem. I've done some research, and this seems to stem from the fact that with Warlords blizzard changed the data file format from MPQ to something new called CASC.

Is there any tool to extract the data from the new format, or if not, is there a place I can download the data in MPQ format so I can extract it and get my server running?

While I'm here, is there any progress at all on MangosFive? Does MangosFour get updates anymore or just MangosZero? That's the only one I can seem to find recent info on, but I'm not interested in an old vanilla server at the moment.



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