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Some clarification with database installation and updating needed, V21



I dont know what I'm doing wrong, trying now to setup a fresh 3.3.5 server (been using old repacks in the past) to get the latest fixes and all.

(This is all regarding to reamd.exe and the realm database, I'm starting from there, but I 100% expect same trouble from character and world database)

I have downloaded the rel21 files from this site and ran the InstallDatabases.bat file with no problem, the databases and tables are there when verifying with navicat.

Now shit starts hitting the fan.

If I try to launch the realmd, it gives a big red error about missing table 'db_version' in the database, which i understand since there is no 'db_version', only a 'realm_db_version' table.

So I assume I need to run the updates included. (I -guess- only the files in Rel21? assuming the rel18-rel20 folders are for updating older databases?) But that don't help/work,

I execute them in order (might be wrong the table in realm_db_version says 'required_20150722_01_realmcharacters_remove_constraint" suggesting the database is from 20150722, but only applying the files after that don't work either)

so I try updating, starting with the oldest file in the Rel21 folder, but the '20150412_02_auth_realmlist.sql' gives errors since it expects the realm_db_version to be 'required_20150412_warden_db_log' which -should- have been changed from the previous sql file.

Did a manual table edit and changed it's name, then two more sql updates went in with only two errors regarding posts in realmlist, that was already there (?).

The last update '20150722_01_realmcharacters_remove_constraint' went in with error that it couldn't drop the key (since it wasnt there)

All updates 'installed'

realmD.exe still don't start, naturally, since it expects db_version table, with version 21, stucture 1,content0, and revision_Refractor as description.

Am I doing something horribly horribly wrong or is the database terribly broken when cleaninstalling? (had the exact same shit when installing mangos one v21 too)

Repacks I have tried several and gotten them to run, but they all generally have oldascrap databases so would like to try with a fresh one.


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