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deactivate anticheat

Guest zysus_aragor

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You mean, like an anti-anti-cheat? :P

lol <10 characters>

edit: I'm guessing, if he installed anti-cheat, he can just git reset to a clean version of mangos. solves his question. either that, or he doesn't know that mango's doesn't come with an anti cheat unless you install the anti cheat patch.

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In my hometown i use a mangos serv with anti spped on but some friends are on wireless connection sometimes they have big big big latency the anti-hack disconnect they even when they are not using any kind of hack cuz of huge delay. may be this u problem?

Well, anyway u patch must have some kind of configuration in mangosd.conf to control it.

look in the conf file for something like this

Anticheat.Movement.Enable = 0
Anticheat.Movement.Kick = 0
Anticheat.Movement.AlarmCount = 200
Anticheat.Movement.AlarmTime = 5000
Anticheat.Movement.Kill = 0
Anticheat.Movement.Kick = 0
Anticheat.Movement.BanType = 0
Anticheat.Movement.BanTime = "1m"
Anticheat.Movement.MaxXYT = 0.4
Anticheat.Movement.IgnoreSecAfterTeleport = 10
Anticheat.Movement.GmLevel = 0

if u cant find put it in the conf file, if not work look for dev of u patch.

or just dont patch it at all

ps- english isn't my laguage i hope u can understad

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