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Mangos vs other games...


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In theory MaNGOS could support other games other than Wow

- However when you consider that all the packet handling, data structures and game mechanics would be different - That does mean that a majority of MaNGOS would need to be rewritten.

In that scenario, it might be worth starting over

but..... there might also be some mileage in reusing the basic framework and build system.

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I play LOTRO almost five years. In 2017 there will be a renegotiation of the terms of copyright in the game to see if it continues or is disabled.

If the game is off, I'm thinking of putting together a team to develop a server for LOTRO and as I know the Mangos project works extraordinarily well, serve me as the basis for the server.

Yes, I know this game is FREE and probably few people would help me, maybe even work alone, but time and I have basic knowledge as well.

Thanks for the help my friend.

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