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Run command in mangosd.exe



Hello everybody,

I would like to ask if there is a possibilty to run a script in mangosd.exe every 5 minutes to execute command saveall

Or if there is another way to solve my problem

Am running mangosone on a mini pc through wifi network and people are connected. Sometimes mangosd.exe crashes and we have rollback.

We need to find a way at least to reduce the rollback time



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You can set the save time in mangos.conf - all you would need to do is set this for a small value.

As far as crashes are concerned, are you able to provide some details and add them to the tracker ?
- We attempt to resolve as many server crash issues as quick as possible, but we need to know why it's crashing.


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Namely, in the mangosd config file:

#    PlayerSave.Interval
#        Player save interval (in milliseconds)
#        Default: 900000 (15 min)

Note that the first save time for a character since login is choosen randomly within (0.5,1.5)*PlayerSave.Interval in order to prevent mass saving at a single moment. In this respect the mechanic differs from .saveall, the later is not recommended anyway.

I solidarize with @antz in asking the crash logs. Such issues need to be cleaned ASAP.

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