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Hello everyone,


I am new to the MaNGOS forum. I am not new to MaNGOS, I have been creating private servers using the core for quite a few years now. I took a small hiatus for about 3 years but I am back in action.

My new project is going to be done completely based on MaNGOS and I will become an active member of this forum. I hope to contribute to this team and help in any way I can. 

I am thinking about just a 1.12.1 server but I am considering a version of each. (1.12.1)(2.4.3)(3.3.5a)

What are your thoughts?

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Hi deadmeatius,

welcome to the Community!

That's good, my advice is to focus on a particular version, to maybe "understand/refresh your know how" of the actual MaNGOS implementation, and eventually go on with others.

Sure that the community will help you in case you'll need, remember to take a look to the Wiki where you can find almost all the information needed to start with your project.

Have Fun!


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