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  1. https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=3520/screecher-spirits The quest item is usable multiple times on the same mob. It should work only once per mob.
  2. I tested this with Magram centaurs (at southeastern Desolace). Everything works fine, until i'm unfriendly with them. Then i have to constantly uncheck and recheck "at war" in the reputation window in between almost every fight, because if i don't do that i receive the "invalid target" message when i try to attack them. This is the only way to kill them. update: after moving from unfriendly to hostile, this doesn't happen anymore. The bug only happens when i'm unfriendly with them. (tested on covenant-wow official mangos server)
  3. https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=6134/ghost-o-plasm-round-up The quest doesn't seem to work. When i place the item on the ground, mobs don't appear. (tested on covenant-wow official mangos server)
  4. UPDATE: The exact same problem happened with this quest: https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=981/the-tower-of-althalaxx, so maybe the level requirement is not set the right way, because in both cases, there is a grey exclamation mark above their head, after i fail to accept it. i'll check them once i get to higher levels.
  5. https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=1046/raenes-cleansing (last part of a questchain) This quest can't be accepted. I receive the error message saying that i don't meet the requirements of the quest (also there is a silver exclamation mark above the questgiver's head after this happens, i'm not sure why). I think it's because i don't receive one of the required items, https://classic.wowhead.com/item=5388/ran-bloodtooths-skull. one quest before this one (https://classicdb.ch/?quest=1045) , i had to kill https://classic.wowhead.com/npc=3696/ran-bloodtooth to get the credit, but i didn't need to get his skull. I killed him twice, but he doesn't drop the skull. I'm not sure whether i need to get the skull from the questgiver or loot it from the NPC. In either case, it's bugged, and i think it's because of the skull.

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