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  1. Summary: While hunter pet in defensive mode is being engaged by multiple enemies, after the first one dies it begins returning to the hunter as though it has no more enemies in its aggro table. Once attacked by another mob it then attacks that one. Steps to reproduce: As hunter with pet summoned, put pet in defensive mode. Have pet attack one of several enemies in a small area such that they all pursue the pet Finish killing the first enemy Expected result: Pet's focus immediately shifts to another attacking enemy. Actual result: Pet starts running back to hunter unless attacked again, then will attack its attacker. Discussion: It seems like hunter pets don't have a true aggro table but just a single aggro target. Once an enemy is killed it has no recollection of being hit by anything else. Alternately, it's possible the pet's aggro table is being cleared after any mob death. Instead, any hostile mob that attacks the pet or hunter should be added to the pet's aggro table and removed when the enemy dies, becomes breakably CCed, or evades.
  2. Summary: When a pet in defensive mode is aggro'd it does not obey the follow command to disengage. Steps to reproduce: As hunter with pet summoned, put pet into defensive mode. Send pet to attack mob (or let it attack on its own if aggro'd) Command pet to return to the player with the Follow command (Ctrl+2, or second button from the left on the pet bar) Expected behavior: Pet will return to the hunter's side. Actual behavior: Pet briefly turns toward the hunter but then immediately reengages the enemy, even if the pet is not in attack range of the mob. Repeated spamming of the Follow command repeats the behavior. The pet makes no progress toward returning to the hunter unless put into passive mode. Proposed solution: A hunter in 2.4.3 was able to retrieve an aggro'd pet by hitting the Follow command without changing their aggressiveness mode. The pet would effectively clear its aggro table. If struck again the pet would re-add the attacker to its aggro table and resume attacking, but this could be easily overridden by spamming the Follow command a few times if necessary. It's possible mobs are being added to the pet's aggro table incorrectly, such as whenever a hostile mob is aggro'd by the pet. I believe the only triggers should be if the mob actually attacks the pet (whether or not the attack is successful), when the hunter commands the pet to attack, or if the pet is in aggressive mode and a mob is in range.
  3. Summary: While hunter player is mounted with pet summoned and in defensive mode, riding past enemy mobs will cause the pet to briefly attack them, then disengage. Steps to reproduce: As hunter with pet summoned, put pet in defensive mode Summon mount Ride past hostile mobs so that mobs aggro on pet Expected result: Pet remains passive and follows player Actual result: Pet charges enemy briefly, then returns to running. Repeats for each attack from any mob. Discussion: This seems to be another issue of the defensive/aggressive AI precedence being too high over other behaviors. Since the pet does stop attacking immediately the severity is not high (though it can cause the pet to fall behind the mounted player), but may be a symptom of other misbehaviors in the defensive/aggressive modes.
  4. Summary: When hunter pet is in defensive or aggressive mode, the player loses control of the pet while it attacks enemies automatically. Steps to reproduce: Put hunter pet in defensive mode Cast Eyes of the Beast While in control of the pet, move it near hostile mobs until they are aggroed Expected result: Pet does not automatically respond to enemy attacks in any way until Eyes of the Beast is exited. Actual result: Pet's defensive/aggressive AI overrides player control. Proposed solution: Eyes of the Beast should take precedence and completely override any AI behavior of the pet until the spell stops being channeled. Note: There is a possibly related issue (will file separately) where hunter pets in defensive mode will briefly attack mobs when attacked and then stop. It may be related in that it's a similar problem of the pet's AI taking precedence over other behaviors when it shouldn't.
  5. Summary: Hunter pets in defensive mode will break CC on mobs that have aggro'd the pet previously. This may also affect aggressive mode but not tested yet. Steps to reproduce: Aggro two mobs, A and B Have pet attack mob A Lure mob B into freeze trap Kill mob A before the trap expires Expected result: Pet returns to hunter's side Actual result: Pet attacks mob B still under the influence of crowd control Proposed behavior: When an enemy is crowd controlled with a breakable spell, it should be removed from the pet's aggro table. It must attack or be attacked by the hunter or pet again to reenter the pet's aggro table. A "breakable spell" would be any where doing damage to the mob will undo the effect, such as freeze traps and sleep spells. Roots, stuns, and other CC methods where damage has no effect on the spell effect would not remove the enemy from the pet's aggro table.

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