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  1. I have one simple fix for this issue. Traps need to check target before trigger: GameObject.cpp - Trap trigger ,so we need to improve conditions in AnyUnfriendlyUnitInObjectRangeCheck ==> GridNotifiers.h Code: class AnyUnfriendlyUnitInObjectRangeCheck { public: AnyUnfriendlyUnitInObjectRangeCheck(WorldObject const* obj, float range) : i_obj(obj), i_range(range) { i_controlledByPlayer = obj->IsControlledByPlayer(); } WorldObject const& GetFocusObject() const { return *i_obj; } bool operator()(Unit* u) { +// ignore totems +if (u->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_UNIT && ((Creature*)u)->IsTotem()) +{ + return false; +} if (u->IsAlive() && (i_controlledByPlayer ? !i_obj->IsFriendlyTo(u) : i_obj->IsHostileTo(u)) && i_obj->IsWithinDistInMap(u, i_range)) { return true; } else { return false; } } private: WorldObject const* i_obj; bool i_controlledByPlayer; float i_range; };

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