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  1. I modified IntallDatabases.bat and created a pull request. Please let me know if this way to work is fine
  2. Hi, I'm testing building mangos from scratch under windows system. I ran the "IntallDatabases.bat" script and when I launched realmd.exe, it says "Access denied for user 'mangos'@'localhost' to database 'realmd'. I checked in the database, then the script and figured out that the 'mangos' user is not performed by the script. I also checked the IntallDatabases.sh script, same issue. I suggest a section for 'mangos' user creation and privileges should be added.
  3. Hi, I cloned Server repo from github and started to build mangos from scratch. When I run the script 'server/sql/mangos.sql', mysql return the following error: I looked into the script and figured out the insert statement line 1327 for creature_template table. The table has 84 columns but the insert statement provide 85 values.
  4. I looked into mangos source code about overspeed check and found it into "world" management (world.cpp). So it's not a warden feature and also it's optional. I checked "mangos.conf" file and changed the "MaxOverspeedPings" to 0. I'm no longer kicked from server.
  5. Hi, is Warden responsible of this ? : ERROR:WorldSocket::HandlePing: Player kicked for overspeeded pings address = ... I can't stay online, I'm being kicked after about 30s note: I have no record in any warden_* table
  6. The new description is too long Hi, I tried to update release21 mangos database. For the following scripts, the update fails : Rel21_2_2_Windrunner_Spire_NPCs.sql Rel21_2_3_Zaxxis_NPCs.sql Rel21_2_4_Crust_Busters.sql The reason for all scripts is the new description is too long. @cNewDescription is more than 30 characters length I suggest the following descriptions : SET @cNewDescription = 'Windrunner Spire NPC fixes'; SET @cNewDescription = 'Zaxxis NPCs aggressive'; SET @cNewDescription = 'Wrong CrustBusters UnitFlags'; ps : 'affected version' should be updated for issue posting
  7. [Mangos Two]

    Thank you Foereaper for your reply. I now understand the need for mysql install. Anyway, it works and I have a up and running test server with rel21 with a database from scratch. I'm going to test updating my rel18 database to rel21.
  8. Hi, I have a 'old' running mangos server and wanted to take a look into the work in progress 'release 21'. I figured out how to generate the release 21 project using Mangos Easy Build but it is very strict. I already had mysql installed using zip install. So usually I start mysql on my computer using command line as needed. This is not regognized by easy build. I installed OpenSSL on a second drive because my system drive is low in free space. This is not regognized by easy build. I didn't found easy build source code on mangos github. Can we expect you to release the source code in the future so people could contribute to it ? Also, I would like to understand the need of mysql to generate the visual studio project ? Still a nice and useful tool.
  9. Done : https://github.com/mangostwo/server/issues/60
  10. Hi, I have a running mangos two server and, when an Elite mob is killed, it never drop anything else than money. Is there something broken in my database ? server ? server conf ? Or something missing ? I can't find out, so if anybody have a clue, will be greatly apreciated. Shenron
  11. Hi, First, I would like to says thank you Banner for MangoLin. I use it occasionnally, it's a very usefull tool. If I may have a suggestion for Character based functions, it's a quest management panel. A panel where you could view all quests linked to a player, filter them (finished or not...) and do some modification like : - finish a quest selected from the list, or by ID - remove a quest selected or by ID - add a quest by ID or from a selectable list (harder because you should filter quests accordingly to player side, race, class, level...) - modify objectives actually, I do all these directly in database specially for testing purpose or when I have a bug to finish a quest It's just a request, I will not feel disapointed if you don't want to spend time on it Again, thanks for MangoLin Shenron
  12. The web browser I use is Chromium 31.0.1606.0 (218220) on a french Windows 7 32 bits I just tried internet explorer, I couldn't reproduce the bug.
  13. Once you closed manually a tag like code, quote ( every time you click on the button to add a tag, the tags will be inverted it will insert a closing tag first, and the opening tag next How to reproduce : - type a closing tag or click on a tag button to insert opening/closing tags (any tag : code, quote, spoiler...) - move your cursor at the end ofthe closing tag - press enter - click again on a tag button => the tags will be inverted
  14. I run Mangos on my custom server running Windows 7 x64 The hardware : Intel Atom D510 CPU (2 cores with HT @ 1.66GHz) / 4GB RAM When I played on official server, I played on TBC addon. I choosed the WotLK branch because it include a bit more content than TBC, and the core and DB are stable enought, even it still have some troubleshooting to work with
  15. [two] Bug with charged items Hi, one of the players on my server crafted an "[url=http://www.wowhead.com/item=20830]Amulet of the Moon[/url]". When speaking with a merchant, the item price show is only 1 copper and in auction house, the auction is rejected with a message saying "You cannot auction an item with used charges". Here is the item data in "characters.item_instance" table [code]132552 1191182336 3 20830 1065353216 0 4 0 4 0 4 0 0 0 1 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0[/code] What could I do to fix the problem ? Is there a bug in mangosd or in the DB ?


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